Our Core Values


to create a welcoming environment for all - clients & staff

We want everyone to feel at ease and welcome at Affinity Hair. We welcome diversity and value individuality

to deliver exceptional service to every client, every day.

We aim to please every client, by offering a thorough consultation combined with elevated expertise

to promote and support sustainable, cruelty free practices.

Our participation in the Sustainable Salons program ensures that a minimum of 95% of our waste is recycled or re-purposed. This has a huge impact on reducing our environmental footprint.

Because of their environmental and cruelty free practices we choose De Lorenzo as our preferred product brand for both professional use and as a take home brand for our clients.

to provide ongoing training and development in the pursuit of excellence in our craft.

The creative industry of hairdressing is constantly evolving. The team at Affinity Hair engage in regular personal development through continued education with industry leaders.

to provide a safe and stable workplace that fosters a great team spirit.

It is our intention to continue the long standing tradition of a fun friendly workplace that our team look forward to working in each day. We are proud of our long standing team members and welcome those yet to join our team.

to value the time of our clients and fellow team members.

We recognise and value our client’s and our team-mates’ time. We endeavour run on time or as near to scheduled timing as possible and will always advise if there is any change to expected timings.